Passive Income Investors: How to Make $28 Per Day in 2021


Want To Protect Your Financial Future In This Period Of Economic Uncertainty?

This year, Canadians have been making an average of about $28 per hour. While I’d love to sit here and say I can get you that tax free, it would take a huge investment. An investment that simply could not go into your Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), and beyond the amount you’re allowed for yearly passive income.

However, you can certainly make $28 per day and stay well within these limitations. With 2020 almost behind us, it’s time to start thinking about next year. If you’re looking for passive income now and in the new year, you simply have to find the right stock. Then you could easily bring in an extra $10,220 in passive income. It doesn’t have to be risky! It just has to be a smart choice.


There are a lot of areas that you can look for passive income, but e-commerce isn’t usually where you’ll look to first. Real estate is a popular choice, as well as banks and energy companies. But if you’re looking for passive income and strong returns, then you want to try and find those golden tickets in e-commerce.

E-commerce offers the promise of strong growth now and decades from now. There has already been a shift more and more to e-commerce as online sales continue to grow. However, e-commerce saw an enormous boom due to the coronavirus. With people working from home needing supplies and unable to leave, e-commerce provided a way to still bring in necessities. By 2030, analysts believe online sales will surpass retail sales and never look back.

So what if you could combine the strong payouts from real estate and the booming industry of e-commerce? Real estate investment trusts (REIT) in general aren’t that great right now, except for those involved in e-commerce. That means you can take advantage of long lease agreements, strong payouts, and dividend increases for years to come.

High dividends, high returns

So you’re looking at e-commerce expecting high returns, and you should. But if you want those dividends, you’ll need one that is also involved with real estate. So it’ll be easy to discover that WPT Industrial REIT (TSX:WIR.UN) ticks all the boxes. This company is involved with light industrial real estate, where e-commerce giants store and ship products around the world. Of its 102 properties, most are in the United States. However, it continues to grow and expand, even globally. And the best news? It’s only the beginning for this company growing by acquisition.

The company has had strong earnings coming in even during the downturn. Most recently, revenue increased year over year by about 36%! That means its dividend yield of 5.75% remains solid, and could even increase. While the dividend hasn’t really grown in the past few years, as revenue continues to climb it’s certainly likely it will have to. That’s because REITs must payout 90% of taxable net income to shareholders, usually as dividends.

Bottom line

So if you want that $28 per day, it’s going to take a large investment of $228,605 as of writing. However, it’s likely that would climb even higher in the next few years, and will continue to climb as e-commerce booms. It could end up being the best investment you’ve ever made.

Now that you have passive income, invest some of those returns into huge gains!

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